Freedom of expression is no laughing matter

Neelie KROES Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda Freedom of expression is no laughing matter Media Freedom in the Internet Age, Istanbul Bilgi University Istanbul, 2 September 2014 Free expression and a free media are protected at the most fundamental levels. By the EU's Charter of... 

The Peer Review Reports on "Judiciary and Fundamental Rights" are now available

Peer Reviews are missions conducted by experts from EU member States to carry out a thorough assessment of developments occurred in Turkey in the areas of freedom of expression and of judiciary. They are conducted in agreement and in coordination with the Turkish authorities, in the context of Turkey's negotiations to join the EU.... 

World Humanitarian Day 2014: Honouring relief workers in danger around the globe

Today's World Humanitarian Day is an occasion to pay tribute to humanitarian workers who risk their lives in bringing assistance to victims of wars and natural disasters worldwide. It is a time when we commemorate all those who were target of attacks and as a result were wounded, kidnapped or even killed. It is an opportunity to... 

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