fbpx 2013 - EU Human Rights Film Days | EU Delegation to Türkiye

2013 - EU Human Rights Film Days

European Union was awarded with the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize for its contributions to the enhancement of peace, democracy and human rights in Europe and around the world. 

In order to highlight all the values which form the foundation of the European Union, we bring you the “European Union Human Rights Film Days”, which was organised on the occasion of Human Rights Day (10 December) for the third time. 

The festival, which will be held in 8 cities in Türkiye on 6-15 December, is organised by the European Union Delegation to Turkey in collaboration with the Representations and Culture Centres of the EU Member States in Turkey. During the nine-day festival, a total of 28 films from 17 EU Member Countries, Switzerland and Türkiye will be shown. The film screenings are open to the public and free of charge. 

Showing EU and Turkish films about individual rights, human rights, and individual experiences, the festival aims to raise questions and to be a source of inspiration. Indeed, these issues concern us all, regardless of our citizenship status, gender, age, sexual orientation, or ethnic roots.

The goal of the event is to share selected EU and Turkish films in order to create awareness on various issues, such as identity, tolerance, respect, human dignity, and intercultural dialogue as well as to question stereotypes. 

Enjoy the show!