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2015 - EU Human Rights Film Days

2015 has been a challenging year for upholding human rights in both Türkiye and the European Union. Starting with the appalling attack on journalists and cartoonists in Paris and ending with another horrendous attack on civilians in the same city, violence has unfortunately marked our consciences throughout the year. Refugees from a senseless war in our common neighbourhood continued to pour into Türkiye and the EU, stretching support systems to the brink. It is said that every challenge is at the same time an opportunity though:

The European Union and Türkiye have vowed to cooperate closer to meet the needs of the millions of refugees on their territories; as the leading donor in the Syrian Refugee crisis, the EU will continue to support Türkiye, which is hosting the largest refugee population from Syria, in facing the impact and the consequences of this unprecedented humanitarian emergency. As many of the movies, we’ve chosen for you this year show, more integration, protection and rights are the appropriate answers to combat violence and extremism.

In order to jointly reflect on these themes and highlight all the values which form the foundation of the European Union, we bring you the European Union Human Rights Film Days, which is being organised around Human Rights Day (10 December) for the fifth time.

The festival organized in 2 cities in Türkiye - in Ankara from 7 to 20 December, in İstanbul from 09 to 18 December - takes place every year on the initiative of
the European Union Delegation to Türkiye and in collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centres of the EU Member States in Türkiye. During the two weeks festival, dozens of films from several EU Member States and Türkiye will be shown. The film screenings are open to the public and free of charge.

By showing movies addressing individual rights, human dignity and the experiences of a varied group of people, the festival aims to encourage reflection and be a source of inspiration. These issues concern us all, regardless of our citizenship status, gender, age, sexual orientation, or ethnic roots.

The goal of the event is to share selected films from the EU and Türkiye and to engage a discussion in order to create awareness on human rights issues, such as identity, tolerance, respect, human dignity, and intercultural dialogue as well as to challenge stereotypes. In that sense, most of the movies will be followed by panels with the participation of directors, NGOs, academicians to discuss and reflect on the human rights issues raised by the films.

All the movies are classified in three categories of particular relevance regarding human rights in Türkiye and the European Union: war and justice (in *blue* in the catalogue), less than equal (in *green*) and a world worth living in (in *yellow*).

Enjoy screening!