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7th EU Human Rights Film Days

2017 - EU Human Rights Film Days

Welcome to the 7th EU Human Rights Film Days!

December is a good month to look back at the year behind us, to distil experiences, to reflect on developments, to assess the way ahead. 2017 again confronted human rights defenders and democracy promoters all over the world with more questions than certainties.

How to ensure that human rights are really enjoyed by all, especially the most vulnerable? Quite a few films confront this question by portraying the on-going plight of refugees around the world, but particularly in our neighbourhood: in the EU, in Türkiye, in Lebanon, among others. Standing out is Feras Fayyad’s documentary “Last Men in Aleppo”, depicting the everyday fight of the Nobel-peace-prize-nominated Syrian ‘White Helmets’ to save lives in this on-going war. For those who seek refuge from this war abroad, “the Postman” in a small Bulgarian village suggests refugees could repopulate his aging hamlet, in an attempt to give his own answer to global migration questions.

The flow of goods, on the other hand, is another accelerating global phenomenon whose effects on the environment and also humans is analysed in Denis Delestrac`s “Freightened: The Price of Shipping”. Are we “Trading Paradise” in the quest to satisfy current consumption demands? 

But not all is lost: there are a few `Dreamers`, as we called them, to lead the way in the fight for more justice and sustainable development. Though not all their dreams come true (see `Nuclear Neighbour`), they certainly inspire and brighten the way ahead. Some of them will come all the way from across the continent to talk to their audience in Türkiye; to not miss them, please follow the discussion panel announcements for all films on the EU Delegation’s website in Türkiye: www.avrupa.info.tr, and on Facebook: /EUinTurkey

The EU Human Rights Film Days aim to bring film lovers and engaged citizens together in a space created each year for raising awareness, for discussion and reflection. Join us in one of the four screening cities – Istanbul (1-14 December), Ankara (4-14 December), Kars (1-4 December) and Giresun (9-12 December) - and broaden the circle of those who like to critically reflect on universal values and their meaning. Together, we are stronger! 

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