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2017 EU Human Rights Short Film Competition

Raise awareness through a film!

The winners have been announced. Congratulations!

1st prize

Bıraktığın yerden - Volkan Güney Eker


2nd prize

7 gün 7 gece - Ali Bozan


3rd prize

Kuyu - Rıdvan Yavuz



Lal - Cemre Yılmaz


The 2017 EU Human Rights Short Film Competition, organised by the EU Delegation in Türkiye, invites amateur and professional filmmakers to submit an original short film on a human rights theme.

The aim of the 2017 EU Human Rights Short Film Competition was to raise awareness of and encourage reflection on human rights issues by giving participants the opportunity to tackle this topic from a cinematic point of view as well as offer them a platform for presenting their films.

The finalist films had been screened as part of the 7th European Union Human Rights Film Days held on December, 9th 2017.

The winner had been awarded an HD camera and lens, the first and second runner-up have been awarded an HD camera,.

You can watch the 3 winning  movie on our Youtube Channel




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