fbpx 2018 - EU Human Rights Film Days | EU Delegation to Türkiye
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2018 - EU Human Rights Film Days

Dear audience, film lovers, human rights’ defenders,
Allow us to welcome you to the 8th edition of the EU Human Rights Film Days, bringing around 40 European and Turkish films to a growing fan community in a record number of 21 cities across Türkiye.  This year we also celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), a milestone development for the protection of human dignity all around the world.  This anniversary is a welcome opportunity to reflect on the conditions that promoted the adoption of the UDHR 70 years ago, after the two deadliest world wars in humanity’s history.  It is also an occasion to reflect upon our common achievements in promoting and protecting human rights since, and also the many shortcomings that remain to be addressed still today. 
The films, we bring to our audience this year span this duration, confront us with the Ghosts of the Past, see Berlinale best-documentary-awarded “The Waldheim Waltz” or Finnish documentary “The Unforgiven” for the more recent past, and the Demons of the Present, from the challenges we face when protecting migrants’ rights to ways of ensuring sustainable consumption and production, and, finally, introducing the Visionaries of Tomorrow.

Let the “Lady of the Harbour” enchant you with her quirky ways of organising help for refugees via the Chinese community in Greece, or the “Poetess” inspire you in your pursuit for equality between women and men on all fronts.
Directors and civil society activists will once again join us from all across Europe.  We would like to encourage dialogue and discussion between them and local audiences, Turkish directors and activists on justice, the importance of remembrance, protecting the most vulnerable in society and ensuring we maintain our environment intact for the future generations.
Follow the discussion panel announcements for all films on the EU Delegation’s website in Türkiye: www.avrupa.info.tr, and on Facebook: /EUinTurkey.
The EU Human Rights Film Days aim to bring film lovers and engaged citizens together in a space created each year for raising awareness, discussion and reflection.  Join us in one of the 21 cities and broaden the circle of those who like to critically reflect on universal values and their meaning!