Human Rights Film Days

6th EU Human Rights Film Days



The 6th EU Human Rights Film Days, an event organized by the European Union Delegation to Turkey in collaboration with the Embassies and Cultural Centres of the EU Member States and the Turco-British Association, was held in 2016 in İstanbul, Ankara, Giresun, Şanlıurfa, Mersin, and Diyarbakır to mark the occasion of 10 December Human Rights Day.

The film days provided a venue for students, human rights activists, movie-goers and all interested in the subject to view a variety of documentary films on the theme of human rights in Ankara and İstanbul, Giresun, Şanlıurfa, and Mersinr.

There was an additional screening for children at the Fidanlık Camp in Diyarbakır on the closing day of the 6th European Union Human Rights Film Days on 18 December.

In Ankara, Büyülü Fener Cinema, the German Goethe Institute, and the Turco-British Association, and in İstanbul, the German Goethe Institute, the Hungarian Cultural Center, and the French Institute screened the films free of charge for all film enthusiasts. Film-goers were also able to attend screenings in Giresun at the Giresun Municipality’s Vahit Sütlaş Theatre, in Mersin at Mersin University’s Prof. Dr. Uğur Oral Cultural Centre, and in Şanlıurfa at the Şanlı Emek Cinema.

More than 40 films from 28 European countries – including Turkey – were screened at the festival.

The films screened in four broad categories – "A Theory of Justice,” “There is Tomorrow,” "Give Children the World,” and “A Red Line in the Sand” – touched on issues such as the plight of refugees, women’s and children's rights, discrimination, international justice, and climate change. A number of directors, non-governmental organisations, and human rights activists also held an open debate on human rights issues and took questions from the audience after the screenings to encourage reflection and discussion.

At the official Human Rights Film Days opening on 10 December at the Goethe Institute in Ankara, the best young directors received their awards at the 6th EU Human Rights Short Film Festival.