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70/30 still

70/30 (98')

International title: 70/30

Original title: 70/30

Denmark, 2021, 98’

Language(s): Danish

Director: Phie Ambo

Synopsis: In the spring of 2019 thousands of young Danes took to the streets. They ditched school to demonstrate for the climate, they mobilized their parents and grandparents and demanded climate action NOW! When the national election came later that year, it was evident that the climate needed to be a central part of the political agenda to win. Now, it is time for the new government to put action behind their words. Is it possible for the politicians, citizens and the industry to collaborate and make Denmark a green pioneer?

Director’s bio: Phie Ambo, born in 1973 was trained at the National Film School of Denmark, graduating as a documentary film director in 2003. Famous for her feature length documentary films true to the tradition of poetic, personal and cinematic language, Ambo deals with essential topics such as family relations, love, creative processes and artificial intelligence, sustainability, emotions, thoughts and consciousness.