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Boys Who Like Girls

2014, Mumbai, India. Two years have passed since the infamous gang rape in New Delhi. 16-year-old Ved, son of an abusive father and submissive mother, has been invited to join a new boys' club near the slum he lives in. At the club, Ved is mentored by Aspar, a kind and supportive social worker, but there is also a deeper meaning; to invite adolescent boys to think about masculinity in new ways. Ved comes of age with the support of Aspar and a new unlikely acquaintance: Harish -a feminist man in his 50s who has dedicated his life to abolishing violence towards women.





Finland, India, Norway 2018, 68’, Color
Hindi, Marathi, English; Turkish, English subtitled


Director: Inka Achte
Screenplay: Inka Achte
Cinematography: Sari Aaltonen, Riju Dias, Malini Dasari, Jayanth Mathavan
Editing: Livia Serpa    
Production: Napafilms



Here are the movie theatres where you can watch the film free of charge at the 9th European Union Human Rights Film Days:


06.12.2019 Friday 21:00 - İstanbul
Kadıköy Sineması Theatre

07.12.2019 Saturday 14:30 - Antalya
Antalya Culture and Arts

07.12.2019 Cumartesi 20:30 - İstanbul
Institut Français

08.12.2019 Pazar 16:00 - Ankara
Büyülü Fener Movie Theatre - Kızılay



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