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The State of Nature in the EU

Conservation status and trends of species and habitats protected by the EU Nature directives 2013–2018


Every six years, Member States are asked to report back to the European Commission on the conservation status of those EU protected species and habitats present on their territory. The Commission then pools all the data together, with the help of the European Environment Agency, in order to see how well they are faring across the EU.

The latest State of Nature report for 2013–2018 is the largest and most extensive data-gathering exercise ever undertaken on Europe’s nature. As such, it provides an invaluable insight into the impact of the conservation measures taken so far, as well as their main shortcomings. 

The report concludes that, while some species and habitats are ‘holding the line’, the majority continue to have a poor or bad status at the EU level. The multiple pressures they face are simply too great to enable their recovery. 

Yet, inspiring success stories are emerging on a regional scale and show what can be achieved through targeted action.