fbpx A-NEST - Academic Network for EU Studies in Turkey | EU Delegation to Türkiye

A-NEST - Academic Network for EU Studies in Turkey

A-NEST Academic Network for European Union Studies in Turkey is a platform supported by the EU Delegation to Turkey, which aims to create a network where the academics of EU studies can exchange developments in EU academic studies, EU-Turkey relationships and share news, announcements and, publications.

Secretariat of the A-NEST rotates annually among universities in Turkey. The European Union Research Centre (ATAUM) of Ankara University held the first Secretariat during February 2015 – 2016; the EU Research Centre of Yaşar University held the second secretariat during February 2016 – 2017, and the Sabancı University held the third secretariat during April 2017 – 2019. Currently, the Secretariat is with the Bilgi University.

For more information, contact academicnetworkeu@gmail.com