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Administrative Functioning of the Delegation


The EU Delegation has recently become aware that some procurement related emails have been sent, purporting to come from the EU Delegation.

These emails typically inform contractors that they have been selected for procurement contracts with the EU Delegation and the message requests that companies submit money for supposed contracts in anticipation of further collaboration with the EU Delegation.

These emails, and the message they claim to promote, are not in any way associated with the EU Delegation, nor with any of its staff.

The procurement process of the EU Delegation is undertaken in a fully transparent manner, and our procedures are submitted through our website which is free for all prospective contractors.

The EU Delegation must respect strict procurement rules when contracting economic operators (persons, companies, or other legal entities). The conclusion of a contract is only possible after the successful completion of tendering procedures.

The mandatory tendering procedures in accordance with EU Financial Regulations are described in the following links:

Open Procedure Call for Tenders , Restricted Procedure Call for Tenders, and Negotiated Procedure for Low- and Middle-Value Contracts.

You can check for the current Calls for Tenders and the status of awarded tenders here

All questions and requests to participate related to the above-mentioned tenders should be sent to the DELEGATION-TURKEY-ADMIN-TENDERS@eeas.europa.eu mailbox

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