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Administrative Functioning of the Delegation


The EU Delegation has recently become aware that some procurement related emails have been sent, purporting to come from the EU Delegation. 

These emails typically inform contractors that they have been selected for procurement contracts with the EU Delegation, and the message requests that companies submit money for supposed contracts in anticipation of further collaboration with the EU Delegation. These communications are not in any way associated with the EU Delegation, nor with any of its staff.

Please note the correct structure of EEAS email addresses:

  • name.surname@eeas.europa.eu
  • delegation-name-tenders@eeas.europa.eu

Examples of fake email addresses:

  • name-surname@eeas-europe.eu
  • delegation-name-tenders@eeas-europa.eu

In case of doubt, please contact delegation-turkey-admin-tenders@eeas.europa.eu.

The core principles of EU public procurement are transparency, equal treatment, open competition, and sound procedural management. They are designed to achieve a procurement market that is competitive, open, and well regulated. This is essential for putting public funds to good use.

To satisfy the principle of transparency, in the beginning of each year the EU Delegation publishes on its website an annual procurement plan for contracts with the estimated value of EUR 15 000 or above, indicating the subject matter, indicative time schedule for launching the procedure and contact information. The list can be accessed under the link https://www.avrupa.info.tr/en/current-call-tenders-860 and is constantly updated. Economic operators are invited to consult the list frequently and express their interest to participate in any of the planned contracts before the set deadline.

The annual procurement plan, published on https://www.avrupa.info.tr/en/current-call-tenders-860, can be used by companies also to check the authenticity of  information received in relation to tenders allegedly managed by the EU Delegation.