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Advocate still

Advocate (108')

International title: Advocate

Original title: Advocate

Israel, Canada, Switzerland, 2019, 108’

Language(s): Hebrew, Arabic

Directors: Rachel Leah Jones, Philippe Bellaich


- News & Documentary Emmy Awards 2021; Best Documentary

- Awards of the Israeli Film Academy 2020; Best Documentary

- DocAviv Film Festival 2019; Best Israeli Film

- Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2019; Golden Alexander, FIPRESCI Prize

Synopsis: Lea Tsemel defends Palestinians: from feminists to fundamentalists, from nonviolent demonstrators to armed militants. As a Jewish-Israeli lawyer who has represented political prisoners for five decades, Tsemel, in her tireless quest for justice, pushes the praxis of a human rights defender to its limits. As far as most Israelis are concerned, she defends the indefensible. As far as Palestinians are concerned, she's more than an attorney, she’s an ally.

Directors' bios:

Rachel Leah Jones, Born in Berkeley, California in 1970 and raised between Berkeley and Tel Aviv, Jones is a critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker whose work focuses on Israel/Palestine. She has a BA in Race, Class and Gender Studies and a MFA in Documentary Media Arts. 

Philippe Bellaiche, Born in Paris, France in 1967. Bellaiche has won many awards from prominent film festivals as a DP. Advocate is his directorial debut.