Andinata Otel

Andinata Otel

Project title:  Andinata Otel 


EU Funding:  187,500


Duration:  9 Months AND 20 Days






The needs the project addressed and its benefits:

There are 3 main reasons behind the realization of Andinata Şekerler Thermal Hotel project: availability of strong thermal resources in the region, our experience in the service sector and IPARD supports.  Water temperature of the thermal resource, which is in Kurşunlu district, Çavundur region where the facility is located, is 56°C and the volume is 40/50 litre per second.  Establishing a quality and hygienic hotel in the region was an investment we had planned for a long time.  However, we needed a partner for financial reasons.  The process accelerated when we heard about IPARD supports in that period and our project was realized.  ARDSI is a young, dynamic and enthusiastic institution… All the staff did their best since the start of the project till the end. The result was nice; our province now has a valuable and important facility. We received 940 thousand TL grant. Our hotel with 12 rooms, 24 beds has three stars but we think it is equivalent to a five star hotel. There are Turkish bath, sauna, pool and thermal pools approved by the Ministry of Health in the hotel. Hygiene rules are applied diligently all over the facility. We established the first thermal hotel in our district as a private enterprise. Employment we provide with the hotel is another remarkable point. Currently, 21 people are employed at the hotel. Considering the suppliers and stakeholders, this number will definitely increase. We plan to make an investment for an apart hotel in the lands surrounding Andinata in the future. We can turn the region into an attraction centre for health tourism with a complex enterprise.