Business Cluster of Maraş Pepper Project

The project aimed to increase the productivity and competitiveness of both suppliers and businesses by implementing innovative and technological solutions to all the steps of packaging and delivering the product to the end user. To this end, a business cluster is established, made up of all the pepper producing SMEs in the city.

The project, focus on a cluster that increases the capacity of pepper producing businesses and also encourages their cooperation. As a result of this cooperation each member of the business cluster decreases production costs, thus increasing their advantages in marketing and competitiveness.

The common packaging unit built within the business cluster is open to the use of all SMEs and facilitate their access to technology. The machines and equipment required to carry out the business cluster activities are also procured within the scope of the Project.

As part of the Project, a food laboratory is established for comprehensive analysis of products.


Kahramanmaraş provides almost 20%of the pepper and 60%of pepper-based products to consumers in Turkey. With the colour, aroma and bitterness that arises from the region’s climate, the Maraş pepper (which won a Registered Geographical Indication Certificate in 2002) has become sought-after around the world.