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Capturing Lee Miller still

Capturing Lee Miller (60')

International title: Capturing Lee Miller

Original title: Capturing Lee Miller

UK, 2020, 60’

Language(s): English

Director: Teresa Griffiths


BAFTA Television Craft Award 2021; Director: Factual, Editing: Factual

Synopsis: Vogue model, artist’s muse, fearless war photographer: Lee Miller had many lives. Best known for her self-portrait in Hitler’s  bath, Lee Miller’s life was as extraordinary as her photos. Miller, who was the only female combat photographer in Europe during  WW2, is celebrated as one of the most important photographers  of the 20th Century.

Director’s bio: Teresa Griffiths has been a director for over twenty years and has directed films shown all around the world. She began working in the Arts Department at BBC Television and has a reputation for making beautifully crafted documentaries.