Ceyhan Wastewater and Storm Water Project

The area that is considered for the provision of water supply and wastewater services with this project is that area enclosed by the Ceyhan Municipality boundary.

The WWTP is designed and constructed for a population of 91,433 population equivalent (p.e.). The plant will be expanded in 2025 with the implementation of second stage to serve till 2040 for 128,283 p.e.

The project package for Ceyhan comprises the following components:

  • Construction of 1st stage of wastewater treatment plant and replacement of the existing collector (to protect natural resources at the region and prevent further damage to and rehabilitate the current state of the ecological balance around the receiving body, Ceyhan River)
  • Construction of storm water network for existing areas (to prevent flood damages and to ensure the proper operation of the wastewater treatment plant)
  • Supervision for the construction works of 1st stage wastewater treatment plant and other infrastructural investments (until 2014) (to ensure the quality of the construction works)
  • Capacity building of water utility department of the Ceyhan Municipality (to enable implementation of planned projects and achievement of FOPIR targets)
  • Modernisation of water utility department services (to upgrade the water services with computer aided design software, geographical information systems and computer models to maintain the sustainability and development of water services)
  • Procurement of equipment and software to ensure the sustainability of water and wastewater services (to improve the maintenance and operation of the wastewater and drinking water system and improve management and storage of the data regarding the status of the wastewater and drinking water system)


Total cost of the project is set at € 22,613,862 while the maximum IPA contribution is € 19.221.782 (85%).

The bilateral project agreement was signed on 10 August 2011.



Contracted Amount


Works-1 (WWTP)

€ 7,898,144.02


Works-2 (storm water drainage network)

€ 8,208,000.00


Service (TA and Supervision)

€ 1,870,000.00



€ 1,080,585.00

On-going (contract endorsed on 20 July 2017, supplies to be delivered latest in November)