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Chaddr - A River Between Us / Chaddr – Unter uns der Fluss (88')

Year: 2020

Director: Minsu Park

Duration: 88

Language(s): Ladakh

Country: Germany

Screenwriter: Gregor Koppenburg

Editor: Ulrike Tortora

Sound: Andreas Goldbrunner

Score: Henrik Ajax

Production company: Karbe Film GmbH

Awards: DOK.fest Munich 2020, FFF Documentary Talent Award

Synopsis: 17-year-old Stanzin is about to graduate from high school in Ladakh, in the Kashmir region, India. She is the last generation who has to follow a dangerous mountain pass to get from her home village to school. Global warming and technological progress in the region change the lives of people rapidly. A lot is at stake for Stanzin, who undertakes her last way to school before taking her final exams and leaving her home town forever.

Director’s bio: Minsu Park is a German director and cinematographer of South Korean origin. His graduation film at the University of Television and Film in Munich SEWOL-Paused in Time (2017) won numerous awards, including Studio Hamburg Best Documentary Award, Bavarian Culture Prize and Grimme Prize. ''Chaddr: A River Between Us'' is his second feature documentary.