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Cinema Pameer (80')

Year: 2019

Director: Martin Von Krogh

Duration: 80

Language(s): Dari, Urdu, Pashto

Country: Sweden

Cast: Said Khalid Sadat, Mohammad Ashraf Shrafi, Mohammad Naqib, Nazifa Hashimi, Mohammad Ewaz, Fazel Rahim, Noor Aqha Sediqi, Abdul Hamid

Cinematography: Martin Von Krogh

Editing: Herman Forsman

Music: Håkan Eriksson

Production company: Indio

Synopsis: In the ashes of Kabul in the worn torn Afghanistan there is a cinema which has become a sanctuary. A sanctuary where people escapes a reality of devastation and poverty to dream oneself away through the magic medium of cinema. The film is about a blend of characters both behind the scenes of Cinema Pameer but also the people of everyday life in Kabul who finds meaning and hope with cinema.

Directors bio: Martin Von Krogh is a Swedish documentary filmmaker and photographer that lives in Sweden and works internationally. He has won numerous awards for his photos and both published and exhibited them around the world. During his 20 years as a photographer he has stayed focused on social and humanitarian issues and covered many of the modern conflicts. In 2008 he found Cinema Pameer on an assignment for Newsweek and decided that the cinema is a film itself. He started to learn filmmaking during the following years. Cinema Pameer is the first feature film he directed.