Construction of Reception and Removal Centres Project


The Project: Strengthening Turkey’s Capacity in Dealing with Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Illegal Migrants (Establishment of Reception and Removal System) TR07.0217 – Works and Supervision Components

Contracting Authority:Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU), Turkey

Beneficiary: Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM)

Consultant: Koltek and PM Group

Contractor:  Gürbüz Construction Co.

Contract Price: 8,921,538.70 Euros - Total Progress of the Contract is 9,058,349.49 EUR with addition of Variation Orders

Contract Date: 03.02.2012

Commencement Date:   13.06.2012 (construction permit approval date)

Duration: 21 months

Original Completion Date: 14.03.2014

Revised Completion Date (Rev.#3): 21.05.2015 

Final acceptance: Defects Notification Period will end on 24.05.2016. On that date the Engineer is planning to perform a site inspection visit with attendance of the Beneficiary. After his inspection, the Engineer will decide whether performance (final acceptance) can take place or not.


Capacity: 750 persons


1. The construction of the Kırklareli Removal Centre is part of a macro intervention, encompassing Institution Building, Technical Assistance, Works and Supply components whose ultimate goal, as per project fiche, is the delivery of (7) fully operational reception for asylum seekers and (2) removal centres for irregular migrants that will help Turkey in the management of asylum and migration.


As per project fiche up to seven reception centres and two removal centres will be set up in the following provinces of Turkey:


  • Ankara (one reception and one removal centre) – cancelled
  • Erzurum (one reception and one removal centre)
  • Van (reception centre)
  • Gaziantep (reception centre)
  • Kayseri (reception centre)
  • Izmir (reception centre)
  • Kırklareli (reception centre)

The construction of the centres has been complemented with a supply component so as to furnish and equip them.

2. The project has been programmed and its implementation has started with the Turkish National Police (TNP) as its beneficiary. However during implementation the Law on Foreigners and International Protection has been adopted in 2013 and DGMM has been set up as the administration in charge of all issued related to Migration Management. In line with the Law, projects in the field of migration management have been handed over from the TNP to DGMM.

3. In 2015 DGMM has approached the Commission and requested to transform the reception centres set up in the project, with the exception of the reception centre in Erzurum, into removal centres for irregular migrants owing to the increased numbers of irregular migrants apprehended in Turkey and the further expected increase due to the entering into force of the EU-Turkey Readmission agreement. DGMM has declared that the transformation will be temporarily and costs will be borne by the administration. The request has been accepted by the Commission.

4. The transformation of the centre has been completed and centre has become operational on 1 April 2016. Its its first residents are the returnees from the Greek islands as part of the EU-Turkey Statement of 18 March 2016.

5. For details on the design of the centre please see attached design brief.

For details on the construction and supervision works you may refer to the report of the experts assisting the EUD on monitoring implementation.