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Dr. Başak Kale, Department of International Relations, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, METU. Studied in European Institute master program at the London School of Economics in 1998-99 with Jean Monnet scholarship.

Continuing the Jean Monnet Programme


Since it began in 1989, Türkiye’s Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme has played a key role in training the personnel necessary to implement the acquis – the legislation, legal acts, and court decisions which constitute the body of European Union law. The programme offers opportunities for postgraduate studies in EU countries, and by 2006 about 930 young Turkish scholars had availed of it. This project represented the third phase of the programme, and was focused on encouraging civil servants, university graduates, and academics, as well as private sector and NGO employees, to apply for scholarships.

The project’s aims and core activities

The aim of this project was to develop Türkiye’s human resources in EU acquis-related areas through postgraduate studies in EU member countries, in order to broaden the perspective on and perception of young professionals of the European integration process and to strengthen the bonds between them and their EU counterparts.

The management of all educational and administrative matters relating to the programme was entrusted to a technical assistance team, set up by the Secretariat General for the EU Affairs. This team indentified institutions across the EU relevant to the country’s priorities and the needs of the scholars at institutions. The scholarship holders were selected following a transparent and fair process.

In order to facilitate and encourage contact between scholars, the team also maintained the Jean Monnet Scholars database and supported the activities of its alumni network. The team also conducted an expensive publicity campaign on the programme and its benefits.


IPA I (2007–2013)


  • Budget/Bütçe: €6.98 m (EU contribution 100%)
  • Province/Bölge: Nationwide/Tüm Türkiye
  • Status/Durum : Completed in 2012/2012'de bitti