Crafts And Artisanal Added Value Products /Cut Flower Production

Crafts And Artisanal Added Value Products / Cut Flower Production

Project title:   Mine Bıyıklı Cut Flower Production Project 


EU Funding: 93,750 €


Duration: 4 Months


Beneficiary:  Mine Bıyıklı


Overall Objective: Crafts And Artisanal Added Value Products /Cut Flower Production


Project Aims and Core activities (in case completed):

“I was born in Dinar in 1969. I have been a civil servant for 27 years. Managers of Flower Exporters Union paid a visit here. They said that they were looking for a transition region that is not as cold as Isparta and not as hot as Antalya. They stated that they were exporting flowers abroad for 12 months, but they were not able to send any flowers in October and in June. I informed them about ARDSI support and asked, ‘Would you buy flowers from me if I would go into this business?’ They said that they would. Thus, I established my greenhouse in 2014. This atmosphere felt so good after dealing with numbers for so long. People relax when they work with the earth. This place gives me energy and relieves my stress. Staff from the Institution were organizing meetings in the region to provide information. I participated in the meetings. There are many stages in this process such as the project design and preparing the bill of quantities, and the Staff from the Institution were always by my side at every stage. Thus, we accomplished the project. I could not have established the greenhouse if it was not for IPARD support. I received a support in the amount of 345.000 TL. The cost was 723.000 TL in total. I received 50% from the Institution. I activated my investment by completing it at the end of the 2014. My aim is to export my produced flowers to abroad market.”