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Development of the Research & Technological Infrastructure of Gaziantep Technopark Project

Physical infrastructure of Gaziantep Technopark which was established in 2007, has been strengthened through an additional 3200 m2 newly constructed area that includes eight large laboratories, a modern conference centre to be used for training purposes, and physical enlargement of 33 office spaces.

Capacity Enhanced via Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

A Technology Transfer Office was established in Gaziantep Technopark to form a bridge between innovative entrepreneurs/SMEs and the university. Thus, entrepreneurs of various sectors, mainly nanotechnology, mechatronics, health and agriculture are offered training. Additionally, an accredited common use laboratory to conduct experiments on nanotechnology and mechatronic prototypes was established. Enterprises in the R&D and informatics sectors along with newly graduate potential business owners who can be placed in Gaziantep Technopark are among the target group.

A survey covering 300 businesses was conducted to identify SMEs current R&D infrastructure, and 700 enterprises benefited from more than 40 training activities throughout the project.
The office provides one-to-one consultancy services to SMEs and guides them on several issues such as intellectual property rights; grant applications, business plan, business development. With these services, it is aimed to encourage R&D and innovation culture for the further growth of SMEs, and to highlight and promote the entrepreneurship spirit of academicians and students.

Furthermore, it is expected that the handbook developed for Technoparks under the project will turn into a roadmap for thematic Technology Development Regions.

TTOs support university-industry-innovative entrepreneur cooperation and contribute to the creation of products that can compete in the international market. Guiding young people and academicians who have an innovative idea or potential, linking them with right people, offering consultancy on various topics such as intellectual property, trademark registration, etc., TTO enables initiatives to turn into companies, help them further improve, and support SMEs’ growth.