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Development of Winter Tourism Corridor in Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars

Winter Tourism Corridor in Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars Project foresees a well-organized infrastructure focused on regional tourism sector with a robust network and necessary institutional arrangements. Primarily the Project improve the physical infrastructure of the three centres and also include superstructure constructions. Capacity is developed for destination management and promotion of Winter Corridor.

“Destination Management Centres” are established under the Project.  These centres inform both tourists and tour operators and travel agencies on the tourism routes and options in the region. Moreover, the centres are structured so as to provide public relations and consultancy services for investors and entrepreneurs on winter tourism concept and possibilities. This way, investment opportunities for winter tourism are increased, and the region is kept in the limelight.

The project which is also supported by the Governorates, Municipalities, Development Agencies, infrastructure associations, civil society organisations and the relevant professional bodies, has an objective of developing winter tourism, carrying out marketing, publicity, branding and promotion activities, and increasing the number of tourists. This way job opportunities are created in the three provinces, competitiveness has enhanced and economic development has improved.


“Tourism Strategy of Turkey - 2023’’ envisages to ensure that natural and cultural assets meet different tourism demands in order to diversify the tourism sector and spread tourism throughout the entire year. The idea of creating “corridors” in tourism industry was adapted to this end. With this approach that is new to Turkey, and considering the increasing competition in the tourism sector, rather than regions offering a single activity to the tourists, a route will be offered including various assets such as historical, architectural and natural splendours, sports and local products within a defined corridor.