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Digital Mapping Agricultural Land


In 2007, Türkiye began working, with EU assistance, on setting up an Integrated Administration Control System (IACS) and developing a Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) for agricultural holdings, both of which are important preconditions for EU membership. A fully functioning IACS allows for the nationwide cross-checking of all applications from the farming sector to authorities. Member states use their IACS as a tool to distribute and monitor area-based subsidies such as direct payments, support for production in disadvantages areas, allocations for environmental measures, and grants for organic farming. The LPIS, a tool used to identify and register agricultural land, is a very important component of the IACS.

The project’s aims and core activities

This project aims to provide the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock with an LPIS, as one of the main building blocks in its creation of an IACS, which will eventually facilitate and manage direct payment schemes to farmers, the application of the government’s Rural Development Plan, and the protection of food safety and the environment.

This agricultural land map will be created in three steps. The first involves building a database based on up-to-date orthophotos – aerial photographs that are geometrically corrected to produce a uniform scale – of the entire territory of Türkiye, some 780,000km2. These images will then be digitised to produce a seamless geodatabase of reference parcels (or physical blocks) covering the whole of the country’s agricultural surface, non-agricultural areas, and intervening spaces.

The geodatabase is then enhanced with a range of other reference data relating to individual land holdings and agricultural usage, to facilitate its use in the LPIS.