European Council conclusions, 28 June 2018

Fri, 29.06.2018 - 12:42

29/06/2018 Brussels
Press release

EU measures to curb illegal migration paid off: illegal arrivals dropped by 96% since their peak in October 2015. Last Night, EU leaders agreed further measures to tackle migrant smuggling and stem the flows. For the conclusions on Turkey:  


  • As regards the Eastern Mediterranean Route, additional efforts are needed to fully implement the EU-Turkey Statement, prevent new crossings from Turkey and bring the flows to a halt. The EU-Turkey readmission agreement and the bilateral readmission agreements should be fully implemented in a non-discriminatory manner towards all Member States. More efforts are urgently needed to ensure swift returns and prevent the development of new sea or land routes. Cooperation with, and support for, partners in the Western Balkans region remain key to exchange information on migratory flows, prevent illegal migration, increase the capacities for border protection and improve return and readmission procedures. In the light of the recent increase in flows in the Western Mediterranean, the EU will support, financially and otherwise, all efforts by Member States, especially Spain, and countries of origin and transit, in particular Morocco, to prevent illegal migration.


  • The European Council agrees on launching the second tranche of the Facility for Refugees in Turkey and at the same time on transferring 500 million euro from the 11th EDF reserve to the EU Trust Fund for Africa. Member States are moreover called upon to contribute further to the EU Trust Fund for Africa with a view to its replenishment.


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