A stronger European Union within a better, greener and safer world - key principles that will be guiding my mandate

Sun, 01.12.2019 - 14:07

HR/VP Josep Borrell Fontelles blog post. 1/12/2019

I am privileged and honoured to take up the role of the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission. In an increasingly contested and complex world, the responsibility of steering our common foreign policy is one that I do not take lightly. As a global leader, the European Union delivers real impact – in our immediate neighbourhood and around the world.

I will strive to ensure that the European Union continues to be a reliable, cooperative and principled global player, working for a safer Europe and a safer world. I will engage actively with our international partners, to prevent and respond to crises and to address global challenges such as climate change, irregular migration, or inequality. I want the European Union to be an even stronger world-oriented actor and a reference point for global stability and development.

The European Union has what it takes to deliver on this crucial mission. We have all the tools and resources at hand - from diplomacy to trade, development cooperation and crisis management. We set global rules and standards and act as a steadfast defender of multilateralism and democratic values. The combination of these assets makes us a leader in responding to global challenges and showing the way forward. Our common European foreign and security policy forms the basis to take on a greater role in the world. 

In helping build a stronger European Union, I will be guided by the following principles:

realism: In a world of power politics, we have to think and act as a global leader. We need to act on the basis of a clear common vision of our strategic objectives and interests. We need to link the internal and external aspects of our policies, use their leverage and take faster and more effective decisions.

unity: We need a truly integrated foreign policy that combines the power of EU Member States and the potential of their joint action, with the coordinated mobilisation of EU instruments. Only this way will our common voice be heard loud and clear.

partnership: Today's global challenges require collective responses. Partnership is in the European Union’s DNA. Multilateralism is at the core of our global action. We may need to refine the rules-based system and make it fit-for-purpose for the 21st century, but we will not abandon it.

The European Union has a responsibility towards its citizens and partners across the world. The responsibility to ensure security and peace, to promote sustainable development, democracy and the rule of law, fundamental freedoms and human rights. I look forward to advancing this vision and contribute to building a stronger European Union within a better, greener and safer world.

At the very beginning of my mandate, I will attend in Madrid the opening of the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25(link is external), before travelling to Paris in order to pay tribute to the 13 French soldiers who recently died in Mali.