Elazığ Enterprise Development Centre’s (İşgem) Industrial Infrastructure Project

Under the project, a shared facility consisting of 35 workshops is being established in Elazığ. The new facility, built in an area different from the first İŞGEM, focus more on the food sector – processing, packaging and standardisation of fresh agricultural products and livestock. In addition to the administration facility, there are shared meeting rooms for enterprises, an exhibition hall, ICT facilities, a multi-purpose conference hall and a cold storage within the new İŞGEM premises.

The Project not only raises the institutional capacity of Elazığ İŞGEM but also organises various activities to strengthen technical skills and capacities of the existing and new tenants. As in other similar İŞGEM projects under the Programme, it is aimed to support women and young entrepreneurs through a 5% quota allocation during tenant selection process, which is carried out in a fair, transparent and competitive manner.

The business plans of 35 new and 25 existing tenants are improved, and they are offered business development services under the Project. Entrepreneurs are informed on business development centres (incubators), entrepreneurship and SME support through the seminars organised in Elazığ, Bingöl, Tunceli and Malatya.

An important service provided by Elazığ İŞGEM is the processing and packaging facilities through which seasonal restrictions emerging from the obligation to offer the products on a daily basis without processing are eliminated and income levels are increased. 


All the workshops within Elazığ İŞGEM, established in 2007, were leased within the same year by entrepreneurs and enterprises operating in various sectors. The demand for workshops was greater than the available capacity with all workshops leased out and more application coming in. Many start-ups participating in the entrepreneurship programme wanted to be sheltered under İŞGEM, which necessitated expansion of the Elazığ İŞGEM