Employment Support Project for Syrians Under Temporary Protection and Host Communities

General Information

Title of the action

Employment Support Project for Syrians Under Temporary Protection and Host Communities

Priority sector

Socio-Economic Support

Implementing partner

World Bank


Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR); Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS); DG International Labour Force

Duration (months)


EU budget (EUR)

50,000,000 EUR Contracted under IPA funding.


Summary of the Action

Main objectives

The overall objective is to increase income earning opportunities for refugees.
The specific objective is to support Turkey to improve employability of SuTP as well as of Turks residing in selected communities with high presence of SUTP.


To be decided among: Adana; Şanliurfa; Hatay; Gaziantep; Mersin; Kilis; Kahramanmaraş; Mardin; Osmaniye; İstanbul

Target groups

SuTP and Host Communities

Main outputs

1. Employment Services and active labour market programmes (ALMPs) for SuTP and Host Communities.
2. Institutional support for delivery of employment services and ALMPs.

Main activities

1. Job search support and skills assessment.
2. Language training.
3. Vocational training.
4. On-the-job training.
5. Cash-for-work.
6. Strengthening of ISKUR's counselling and job assistance capacity at the central level and in the targeted provinces.
7. Strengthening of MoLSS's and ISKUR's administrative systems to monitor the implementation of work permits, employment services, and ALMPs provided to SuTP.
8. Development and implementation of complementary modules to the existing ISKUR monitoring systems to capture the sequence of employment services and ALMPs.
9. Development of a tracking mechanism to monitor the employment status of SuTP beneficiaries.
10. Implementation of a micro grant scheme through İŞKUR.


Progress of Action as of 28.02.2018

State of progress