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Erciyes Technopark Regional Innovation Centre Project

A new innovation centre was established within the Erciyes University through the funds received from the Competitive Sectors Programme. The project provides a unique opportunity for SMEs and R&D companies in the region, to gain momentum in their fields thanks to the technological support. The technology park, which offers employment opportunities, also serves as an encouragement for entrepreneurs to set up new businesses, while supporting SMEs to further grow.

The Innovation Centre Project was completed in 40 months. During this timeframe: 

  • The infrastructure and superstructure of the Erciyes Technopark were built.
  • To identify the regional capacity needed, target groups were identified and stakeholder analysis and market researchers were carried out.
  • Equipment required for training laboratories and offices were supplied.

The Sera (Greenhouse) section of the new complex is a support environment for young entrepreneurs to grow, test and market their project ideas.