Establishment of Giresun Hazelnut Licensed Warehouse and Spot Exchange



Total budget: € 9,450.309

EU contribution: € 7.753.979


Duration: Project was approved on 23/10/2010. Works, supervision and supply contracts are completed. Warehousing, laboratory test and spot exchange activities are being carried out by the Beneficiary.


Beneficiary: Giresun Commodity Exchange


Implementing Partners: Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (MoSIT) is the Operating Structure who is responsible for the programming, tendering, contracting, implementation and monitoring of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme under which the present project is being financed.


Overall objective: The overall objective of the Operation is to increase the competitiveness of the hazelnut sector in the Black Sea Region.


Main Activities:


The licensed warehouse, the laboratory and the spot exchange which are established within the scope of Giresun Hazelnut Licensed Warehouse and Spot Exchange project facilitate warehousing of hazelnut under healthy and hygienic conditions, verification of quality and standards in a reliable and objective manner and trading of hazelnut under competitive market conditions. Consequently, the competitiveness of the hazelnut sector will increase through providing the hazelnut processing and trading SMEs with means to access high quality raw materials in a competitive and sustainable method.


Giresun Hazelnut Licensed Warehouse and Spot Exchange will be the first of its kind in the world.


Works (construction of Hazelnut Licensed Warehouse, Spot Exchange and administrative building, in-shell hazelnut cleaning, weighing, sampling and command control area, laboratory and technical service building, in-shell hazelnut  packaging and delivery area, in-shell hazelnut stock area).

Supervision: of the Works contract.

Supply: of Licensed Warehouse Machinery and Equipment, laboratory equipment, nitrogen generator units, forklift.



Estimated results:



Measurable Indicators

1.  Common use industrial infrastructure for hazelnut processing and trading SMES, established

  • Hazelnut licensed warehouse and laboratory is constructed and equipped

2.  Trading of hazelnut under competitive market conditions ensured

  • Approximately 160 SMEs trained on the utilization of licensed warehouse through seminars and training programmes
  •  ISO 22000 QMS, ISO 18001 quality certificates obtained and the lab accredited
  • IT infrastructure of the electronic warehouse receipt system and the spot exchange established
  • Hazelnut spot exchange established