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photo from a STGM activity

EU Support to Civil Society

EU support to civil society is an important priority of financial assistance to Türkiye. A dynamic civil society is one where citizens can freely associate and engage in civic action. This way they can help shape government policy and make sure that the voices of people are heard. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are key actors in expressing the demands and needs of citizens and encouraging active citizenship; they can stimulate and expand the space for dialogue and cooperation on matters of public interest, including on the EU accession process.


As highlighted in the Revised Indicative Strategy Paper for Türkiye 2014-2020, EU support to civil society has 3 objectives:

  1. support the development of civil society, allowing its more active participation in democratic policy and decision-making processes;
  2. promote a culture of fundamental rights and dialogue;
  3. enhance civil society dialogue and inter-cultural exchange between civil societies in Türkiye and Europe.

Actions to achieve these results include:

  • improving the legislative environment for the operation of CSOs and their participation in policy-making;
  • strengthening cooperation between CSOs and the Public Sector by supporting the establishment of balanced and transparent mechanisms;
  • building the capacity of CSOs to improve outreach, governance and institutional capacities, such as advocacy, administrative and fundraising skills;
  • encouraging exchanges and cooperation between citizens in Türkiye and the EU to work together on topics of common interest, share technical knowledge and expertise, and develop long-term partnerships.