Europe to Turkey on Foot - Kültür Rotaları Derneği

Enhance cooperation between civil society organizations and municipalities in Turkey and in EU member countries England, France and Italy on the theme of trans-national cultural routes as tools of cultural co-operation, sustainable rural development and social cohesion. Marketing, branding and promotion approaches regarding cultural routes of the European Union and Turkey will be integrated.


Budget: 163.070,02 EUR


Main Activities

  • A study visit is organized to Italy to observe the implementation of cultural route.
  • Cultural Route Implementation Guide is prepared both in Turkish and Italian.
  • Promotional films are exhibited in Demre, Eğirdir and İnegöl.
  • Cross Border Cultural Route Plan and Guide on management of the cultural route are prepared in compliance with European standards.
  • Marketing Plan for cultural route, web site and promotional materials are prepared.
  • Outputs of the action and the cultural route are promoted at the Via Francigena Festival organized in Italy.
  • Photos and short fims shot by 5 Italian students on the route are disseminated through social media.
  • A report including recommendations for the recognition and the protection of the Turkish Cultural Routes is prepared.