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European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights

The European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) provides direct financial support to NGOs in Turkey to stimulate the development and consolidation of democracy, rule of law, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

For the period 2014–2020, the EIDHR has a budget of €1,332,752,000 worldwide. Projects and organisations in Turkey are eligible through global and country schemes. The allocation for Turkey in 2016 has been increased to €5 million.

EIDHR funding priorities

The EIDHR focuses on supporting key interventions in the community for the protection of human rights and the consolidation of democracy. Its funding priorities are centred on the following areas:

  • Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms where they are most at risk, including human rights defenders;
  • Strengthening civil society to promote human rights and democratic reform, support the peaceful conciliation of group interests, and consolidate political participation and representation;
  • Support for each disadvantaged group (national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, women, children, LGBTI, and indigenous people);
  • Support for the international and regional framework for the protection of economic and social rights;
  • Improving the reliability and transparency of democratic electoral processes, in particular through monitoring electoral processes.


How to apply  

Candidates for the EIDHR can apply online through PROSPECT, the electronic system developed by EuropeAid for the submission of applications for calls for proposals. In order to start an application with PROSPECT, candidates must register their organisation in PADOR. Here, candidates will provide information about their organisation and will get a unique identifying number (EuropeAid ID). It is necessary to give this number when filling in the application in PROSPECT.


Through PROSPECT, candidate organisations can apply for two types of EIDHR funding for projects in Turkey:



Under both schemes, the EIDHR funds the following:

  • Grants to finance civil society projects or international/intergovernmental organisations;
  • Small grants to human rights defenders.

Who can apply

Organisations in Turkey can apply for both the Global Grant Scheme and the Country-Based Support Scheme, if they are:


  • International and national non-profit organisations (under Global and Country Schemes)
  • Public and private sector non-profit organisations (mostly under Global Schemes)
  • National, regional, and international parliamentary bodies (mostly under Global Schemes)
  • International and regional intergovernmental organisations (for very large global actions or as partners under Global and Country Schemes)
  • Natural persons and non-legal entities (only under specific circumstances).


These are general conditions. Detailed eligibility conditions for applying are explained in the Guidelines for Applicants that are published for each call for proposals.


What has been funded so far in Turkey?

The EIDHR in Turkey leads efforts to strengthen civil society in its action in a broad area of human rights. Since 2006, it has funded projects for freedom of expression and independent media, improved access to justice, fight against torture and impunity, protection and respect of cultural diversity, minority rights, human rights education and training, gender equality, LGBTI, Roma, and youth. EIDHR has helped to empower underrepresented groups at the local level so that they become involved in dialogue and decision-making at the national level.

In 2016, the priorities of the EIDHR call for proposals included:

  • Strengthening civil society's involvement in the making, implementation and monitoring of human rights policies at local and national levels and supporting human rights defenders (€3 million);
  • Promotion and protection of human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers (€2 million).


To date, The EIDHR has funded more than 100 projects in Turkey for a total amount of approximately €17 million. These have included 17 global grants and over 90 country-based grants. Currently, over 20 projects are ongoing.


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