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Event Dates:
  • Sat, 12/02/2017 - 12:00
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  • Kids
  • Movie
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  • İstanbul
Atlas Cinema İstiklal Cad. Atlas Pasajı No:131 Beyoğlu / İstanbul T (212) 252 85 76

The Girl of 672k  - Het Meisje Van 672k - the Netherlands, 2016, 18’ 

The Girl of 672k  - Het Meisje Van 672k - the Netherlands, 2016, 18’ 


After her studies in Theatre Studies, Mirjam Marks started working at VPRO Youth Television (Dutch Public Television Channel). Through her experience in research and production she became specialised in content creation for youth documentaries and series. Through a television programme she visited Suriname and she was amazed by the country. She moved there and made several documentaries for Dutch television. When she moved back to the Netherlands she continued her work as a documentary maker.


Coming of age film about the imaginative 15 years old Annegien, whose creative talents draw ample attention in the virtual landscape. Her personal and artistic photographs on her Instagram account “Fetching_tigerss” reach over 672,000 followers. An online TV channel, has caught wind of Annegien’s talents and want to work with her. How will her success influence her and her photos?


Alike- Spain, 2015, 8’


Born in 1972 in Madrid. He worked on films, short films and publicity in various companies. He directed several animated short films between 1997 and 2006 which won several awards. After a 20-year as animation teacher, he founded Pepe School Land in 2006, a school focused in modeling, character animation and the creation of 3D shorts.


Born in 1982, in Madrid. He took a course on 2D animation and learnt traditional animation and concept arts. He took his Art degree from Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and later he joined the team of Nikodemo Animation. The short film Tachaaan!, which he co-directed with Miguel Angel Bellot and Carlos del Olmo, has been nominated at Goya Awards in 2010 and won more than twenty awards in several film festivals.


In a busy life, Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son, Paste. But...what is the correct path? Alike won the Best Animated Short Film award at 2016 Goya Awards and Best Animation award at Anchorage Film Festival.

Betka and  the Clever Ones  - Bětka a Chytré Hlavičky - Czech Republic, 2016, 15’

Betka and the Clever Ones - Bětka a Chytré Hlavičky - Czech Republic, 2016, 15’


Born in 1974 in Prague. She is an actress and director, known for Výlet (2002), Ene bene (2000) and Objevte svoji vnitrní krásu (1997).


Beˇtka is an extraordinarily attractive 12-year-old. She lives in the countryside with her family, and enjoys riding horses and spending time with her cousin Eliška. She likes helping those who need her, whether it is a mentally ill classmate or lonely senior citizens in a nearby retirement home. For the latter, Beˇtka organises regular meetings of the Club of Clever Ones. She and Eliška prepare various activities and games for them such as theatre performances, or classes about wildflowers. But the girls don’t want to be the only active ones – their aim is to involve the seniors and create something together.

Chickens for Kimaru - Kippen Voor Kimaru - the Netherlands, 2017, 15’

Chickens for Kimaru - Kippen Voor Kimaru - the Netherlands, 2017, 15’


Amsterdam based filmmaker Campenhout is a creative documentary producer. She graduated in 2011 from the Utrecht School of the Arts, department of Audiovisual Media. She finished her Master in Creative Design for Digital Cultures, validated by The Open University, UK. She made documentaries in Ghana, Benin, Tanzania, Kenya and other African countries.


She was born and raised in the Dandora Slum, next to a dumpsite in Nairobi. At the age of 11, she first saw a documentary film on TV and she started to record small videos with a mobile phone. Then, she got a job at the Nairobi Community Media House as a reporter for African Slum Journal. In 2016, she started her own media house which its objective is to educate children and youth living in Nairobi slums.


A couple of months ago, the father of the ten-year-old Kimaru passed away and now it is even more difficult for him to keep his head above the water. He lives together with his mother and little sisters in the slums of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Kimaru does his best at school because he knows that good education will make him successful in the future. Unfortunately, his mother can no longer afford his school fee and Kimaru is kicked out of school - something that happens often to children living in the slums. One day, aunt Ursula comes to visit the family and brings Kimaru a box of chickens as a surprise. If all goes well, the chickens will soon start laying eggs every day, and Kimaru will be able to earn 15 euros a month.

Rocknrollers - The Netherlands, 2016, 25’ 

Rocknrollers - The Netherlands, 2016, 25’ 

Director: DAAN BOL

Born in 1984, Daan Bol graduated in 2012 as a documentary director from the HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht. His graduation documentary Niet Op Meisjes won several national and international awards.


Playing records, practising for gigs together and giggling about who can let off the foulest farts: this is what life is all about for the three teenagers Sia, Bas and Vince. Together, they form the Dutch psychedelic blues-rock band Morganas Illusion. Then Sia becomes depressed… We watch as Sia celebrates his 16th birthday, wearing big sunglasses like a real rock star. But when the camera gets a close-up of his wrist, it becomes clear how bad things have become for the talented teenager. Will Morganas Illusion ever be the energetic rock band it once was? This is a moving coming-of age story about depression and the beneficial, healing effects of music and friendship.

Awarded with Best Children’s Documentary at 2016 IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam)