fbpx EU Science Caravan, Dıyarbakır, Yenişehir, Ali Emiri Ortaokulu | EU Delegation to Türkiye

EU Science Caravan, Dıyarbakır, Yenişehir, Ali Emiri Ortaokulu

Event Dates:
  • Mon, 04/08/2019 - 09:00
Event Type:
  • Kids
Event City:
  • Diyarbakır
Yenişehir, Ali Emiri Ortaokulu

The EU Delegation to Türkiye in cooperation with the German Embassy in Türkiye and the EU Information Centres Network brings students closer to science and innovation. The EU Science Caravan will tour 20 cities between January and June 2018 and will visit second grade schools aiming at reaching out also at disadvantaged groups in remote areas of the country.


The EU Science Caravan intents to promote the "do it yourself" culture among children based on the "dream, design, produce" approach that corresponds with the innovation policies of the European Union.  Specially-designed for a generation that dreams, designs and produces, the 9mt-long caravan is convenient for urban and long-distance travelling and has the capacity to host 14 participatory workshops simultaneously.  Science Caravan Workshops include Wooden Design, Robotic-Coding, 3D Modelling & 3D Printer and Electronic workshops.