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a scene from the movie "Far: The Story Of A Journey Around The World"

Far. The Story Of A Journey Around The World (130’)

Event Dates:
  • Sat, 12/07/2019 - 18:30
Event Type:
  • Movie
Event City:
  • Antalya
Antalya Culture and Arts

Germany, 2017, 130’, Color
German; Turkish, English subtitled

Director: Gwendolin Weisser, Patrick Allgaier 
Screenplay: Gwendolin Weisser, Patrick Allgaier 
Cinematography: Gwendolin Weisser, Patrick Allgaier 
Editing: Gwendolin Weisser, Patrick Allgaier 
Music: Falk Schönfelder, Isaac Friesen 
Production: Gwendolin Weisser, Patrick Allgaier

A hitchhike of 50,000 km – crossing the ocean by ship, and having a baby in Mexico. Weit. The Story of A Journey Around the World is a colourful, authentic film that follows the extraordinary journey of a young couple who set off into the east, to return from the west three and a half years later with a new, third member to their family. On a small budget and without taking any planes, they explore the world with natural curiosity and buoyant spontaneity. 

Patrick Allgaier
Patrick Allgaier, born 1983 in Waldkirch, Germany. After school, he traveled through Europe, Asia, and Australia and started his first traveling movies. Later he worked for several years for German television stations as a cameraman and editor. 2013 he started the journey around the world with Gwen. 

Gwendolin Weisser
Gwendolin Weisser, born 1992 in Oberried, Germany. Went to Rudolf Steiner School in Freiburg, was very active in school filming projects. Gwendolin also dreamt to become a director. After her exams she started the journey around the world with her boyfriend Patrick.