Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping

Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping

Event Dates:
  • Tue, 12.12.2017 - 19:30
Event Type:
  • Movie
Event City:
  • Ankara
Ankara Büyülü Fener Cinema Meşrutiyet Cad. Hatay Sok. No: 18, Kocatepe / Ankara T (312) 425 01 00


Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping - Spain, France, 2016, 83’


After launching his career as a writer and photographer in the United States, Denis Delestrac stepped into filmmaking in 2001. His film titled Sand Wars has been selected in over 40 festivals and won 15 awards including a Gold Panda, the Greenpeace Prize and a Gemini Award.


90% of the goods we consume in the West are manufactured in far-off lands and brought to us by ship. The cargo shipping industry is a key player in world economy and forms the basis of our very model of modern civilisation; without it, it would be impossible to fulfil the ever-increasing demands of our societies. Yet the functioning and regulations of this business remain largely obscure to many, and its hidden costs affect us all.