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Mama Colonel / Maman Colonelle - 72'

Event Dates:
  • Sun, 12/02/2018 - 18:30
Event Type:
  • Movie
Event City:
  • Kars
Kars Şehir Sineması

Colonel Munyole is a stalwart mother of seven who considers her profession of policewoman to be her mission. In Bukavu, a city

in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, she heads a small unit that focuses on the rights of victims, particularly rape survivors and abused children. After being transferred to Kisangani, not only does she find the police station in complete disarray, but in addition the region is war-torn, relationships are broken and residents are traumatized. Neighbours envy the official victim status of rape survivors. Parents get rid of unwanted children by labelling them as demon-possessed. The documentary neither

analyses nor comments; instead it offers an authentic insight into a society that, although marked by civil war, still produces true heroes.


Dieudo Hamadi

Born in Kisangani, DRC in 1984. He studied bio-medicine from 2005 to 2008. He has completed several documentary film workshops and video editing courses and has worked as an editor, producer, and assistant director, for Suka! Productions.

2017 Berlin FF; Forum Jury Prize, Tagesspiegel Prize

2017 Cinéma du Réel Paris; Grand Prix

2017 FIFF Namur; Special Jury Prize

2017 Zanzibar FF; Best Documentary Award

2017 Africa Movie Academy Awards; Best Documentary Award