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Ordinary Time / Tempo Comum - 64'

Event Dates:
  • Fri, 12/14/2018 - 19:30
Event Type:
  • Movie
Event City:
  • İstanbul
Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi

In an apartment in Lisbon, Marta takes care of her newborn daughter while convalescing from childbirth. In these first days they receive visits from family and friends. As they get involved in the intimacy of her home they start narrating stories about marriage, childbirth, first jobs, expectations and plans for the

future. In several sequences we see in Ordinary Time the unfolding of life cycle through several voices. Alongside, we experience

the conjugal life and the home routines that set in will be the barometer of Marta’s inner evolution.


Susana Nobre

Born in Lisbon in 1974, she received her B.A. in Communication Studies from Lisbon’s Nova University in 1998. She helped set up the SHS department’s Film Creation Lab, where she would

contribute to the production of several art videos commissioned by the Gulbenkian. In 2005, she attended a filmmaking course put on by Gulbenkian’s Creativity and Artistic Creation Program, in collaboration with the London Film School. She taught a Filmmaking class at Caldas da Rainha’s School of Arts and Design in 2010. She’s currently a part of the production company Terratreme, where she also has served as executive producer.