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Faces of Turkey Photography Contest 2017

Faces of Türkiye Photography Contest 2017

Türkiye has 1,001 different faces; 1,001 faces that invest in technology, devote themselves to science and education, value healthcare, stand by the principle of human rights, lend neighbours a helping hand in their hour of need, ensure the co-existence of different cultures, strive for peace, and improve their environment... These are the faces that make Türkiye the country that it is.

For 9 May Europe Day, the Delegation of the European Union to Türkiye called on amateur photographers to take pictures and share the Faces of Türkiye in a competition. This call was answered by 1,061 people who sent in a total of 2,906 entries. Appreciating the diversity of the entries, the jury awarded three of these photographs and selected another 20 to be part of an exhibition. We are delighted to be able to share these photographs with you.

Jury Members

Berna Çetin Delegation of the European Union to Türkiye
Burhan Özbilici Photojournalist, Associated Press
Evren Özesen Photographer
Tuğba Taş Assoc.Prof., Department of Photography and Graphic Design, Ankara University
Tuğrul Çakar Photographer, Lecturer, Başkent University
Hüseyin Sarı Representative, Photographic Arts Federation of Türkiye (TFSF)

First Prize

Bread and Fish in İstanbul

Bahattin ERKOL (Kars)

Second Prize

Bergama Akropol

Mehmet  Dağ (Bursa)

Third Prize

Coming Home

Animal husbandry is crucial to Türkiye, but it takes place under difficult conditions.

Esra Bürçün (Bingöl)