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Fırat Rainbow Surrounding Enterprise Taskforce (FIRASET)

Within the framework of this Project entitled shortly as FIRASET, a second building was constructed with a 10 thousand m2 closed area and ready-to-use infrastructure.  More than 50 companies working in software and informatics, electronics, mechatronics, biomedicine, energy, food, nanotechnology, media and communication were brought together with the university in the technology development area and can benefit from all the infrastructural opportunities by paying a minimum amount of office rent. While knowledge is transferred from the university to the industry, the contribution is made to the technological and economic development of Elazığ region thanks to this structure. Under the project, SMEs received training and attended seminars on various subjects such as entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and R&D, and these services will continue at full speed.

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) established under the project plays an active role in the institutional development of SMEs. It provides support for both financial and institutional sustainability. TTO, which focuses on business development by entrepreneurs, provides consultancy for the companies and guides them to develop and finance their business in the national and international markets.

Turkish Patent Institute Information and Documentation Unit opened in Fırat Technocity enables the company owners, academicians and entrepreneurs to obtain the information they may need with regards to their products or information from specialists on topics such as brand, patent, utility model, industrial design, geographical indications and integrated circuit documents and the like.

Elazığ Fırat Technocity, which started with a 400 thousand TL capital and 280 square meter prefabric facility, turned into a technology base through the financial support of Competitive Sectors Programme.