Flagship Projects : Agriculture, Food Safety, Fisheries, Rural Development

Turkish farmers have benefitted directly from the EU’s support for projects in the agricultural sector, where support was provided in, for example, the establishment of a plant passport system as well as conducting ear-tagging and vaccination programmes for animal diseases. Improving the relationship between agriculture and the environment was also a concern, with projects aimed at reducing the use of nitrates and persistent organic pollutants in farming. In addition, steps were taken to safeguard the fishing industry through the development of a scientifically sound system of fish stocks assessment. The establishment of a National Food Reference Laboratory is an example of the many infrastructure and institution-building projects supported under the IPA, where the EU has also helped strengthen the capacity of government agencies. Significant investment will also be made in creating a Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS), which is a major component of the administrative system to verify farmers' applications for agricultural support.