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Flagship projects in Education: The Key to the Future

Education has enormous potential to improve individual prospects and personal development and therefore impact life satisfaction. Education and training are, therefore, at the core of EU policies and also closely linked to other essential policy areas, such as employability, social inclusion and growth. One of the main focus areas for education has accordingly been increasing the access to education for disadvantaged groups, including girls, the disabled, and Roma children. Disadvantaged groups empowered through education are more likely to contribute their full, true potential to society.

Another aim of the EU has been increasing the quality of vocational education and improving the vocational qualifications system. EU support in this area addressed the quality of Vocational Education and Training (VET) to enable people to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required by evolving labour markets. A quality VET also encourages lifelong learning and supports the fight against early school leaving.

A continued effort to increase attendance at all school levels, especially for girls, remains an important challenge for Türkiye, as well as many European societies. EU-funded projects have been important means to increase the attendance rates of students, especially girls. Promoting gender equality in education has been another priority for the EU in this field. Together with Turkish partners, various EU projects have been fighting gender stereotyping and changing mindsets.

As investing in education is key for development and can be a real game-changer, the EU continues to support the field of education through the IPA II follow-up program as well. For more details, please see the links below.

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