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Flagship Projects : EU and Human Rights

Human rights and democratisation are a keystone of the EU. With respect to Turkey, the issue of human rights and democratisation is particularly significant, as the EU requires absolute respect for these principles from countries applying for EU membership. The goal of the Union is to create an area without internal borders where European citizens may enter, move, live, and work freely. All of this should be possible in a safe environment, without being threatened by criminal activities. IPA projects in this area were extensive, ranging from improving the investigative skills of police and boosting the fight against cybercrime, to ensuring that the use of force by police respects European conventions. Providing shelter for women subjected to violence and making courts more accommodating for child offenders were at the focus of other projects, as were the establishment of reception centres for asylum-seekers, improving border controls, and the functioning of the customs service. The functioning of the country’s new ombudsman’s office also benefitted from a project.