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Gaziantep Regional Industrial Design and Hybrid Modelling Centre (GETHAM)

Regional Industrial Design and Hybrid Modelling Centre established as part of this Project is offering a solution for innovation, industrial design and modelling problems of the region. The centre will provide support primarily to SMEs from Gaziantep and then the neighbouring cities in various industries including leather, jewellery and accessories and electronic circuits production. In the coming periods, the Centre is planned to provide services to other regions as well.

Around 500 SMEs are expected to benefit and receive support from the Centre where industrial designs are reviewed, consultancy needs are identified and intermediaries are set to provide consultancy to SMEs. Furthermore, SMEs are able to design, model, manufacture and test their products with the state of the art technology at this Centre.

Local motifs are researched and archived at the centre to ensure that cultural motives are reflected in new products through modern designs. Furthermore, entrepreneurs dealing with industrial design are given the opportunity to work with design incubators. 

Thanks to the GETHAM Project of Competitive Sectors Programme new and renewed product designs are created and SMEs in this field are supported to present new product designs on the market. 

In today’s world, competitiveness of enterprises no longer depends only on the quality and affordability of products. Also, state-of-the-art, well-designed and useful products need to be manufactured at affordable costs. Applications to the Turkish Patent Institute in the last decade show that only one out of 30 companies in Turkey can allocate resources for industrial design.