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Genesis (120')

International title: Genesis

Original title: Genezis

Hungary, 2018, 120’

Language(s): Hungarian

Director: Árpád Bogdán


- Sofia International Film Festival 2018; Special Jury Award

- Valencia International Film Festival 2018; Best Film, Best Cinematography

- Festival del Cinema Europeo 2019; Agiscuola Award, Best Cinematography, Cineuropa Award

Synopsis: Genesis is about the notion of family. We follow three interweaving stories of gypsy orphan, a pregnant teenager and a lawyer who lost her child. The three chapters are set in the present and connected by real events: in 2008, a neo-nazi group terrorised Roma families for over a year. These events claimed many victims, including six deaths. Our film draws a realistic picture of Eastern European everyday life, as well as characters who want to find a way to normal life, despite personal tragedies.

Director’s bio: Árpád Bogdán was born in 1980 and lived in a children’s home from the age of 4. He started working as an actor and stage director in theatres during his college years. He has organised creative forums for disadvantaged children using various aspects of theatre, film, and literature. His directorial debut, Happy New Life (2007) was premiered in the Panorama section at the Berlinale 2007 and received the Special Mention of the Jury. Genesis is his second feature film.