Giresun Wastewater Project

End recipient of assistance: Giresun Municipality

Submitted for funding under IPA II in August 2017.

Total budget of the project is EUR 65,800,000. The eligible cost is EUR 26,2 million and 70% of this amount is asked for financing from the EU. In other words; EUR 18,4 million is requested from the EU and EUR 47,4 million will be from the national budget.


There will be five contracts within the scope of the project:

1. Service Contract for the supervision of works contracts and Technical Assistance to the Municipality

2. Works Contract–1: Construction of wastewater collectors, pumping stations, neighbourhood wastewater collection system and SCADA system

3. Works Contract–2: Construction of Giresun WWTP

4. Supply contract: Providing the equipment that will be needed during the operation of the facilities such as leak detection equipment, CCTV equipment, sewer cleaning vehicle, computer and software.