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Helping the Turkish National Police prevent the disproportionate use of force


Learning from police methods in EU member states is of crucial importance to Turkey in the process of obtaining membership of the European Union. Despite a constitutional commitment that citizens should not be subjected to the excessive use of force, the Turkish police have sometimes been criticised in this regard. Problems arose in incidents requiring the use of force or arms by police, as there were no nationwide guidelines outlining the ways weapons must be used.

The aims of the project and its core activities

This project aimed to ensure that the use of force by the Turkish National Police was in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights. In particular, it sought to establish common procedures across the police and define a model for related police units dealing with demonstrations.

To achieve this goal, a comparison was made between the use of force in Turkey and EU member states, which helped identify best practices and alternative models for adoption by the Turkish police. In addition, a detailed analysis on Turkish law, as well as on national and ECHR court rulings on the use of force, was conducted.

The project produced a model training programme in line with EU principles on the use of force. It also established automatic review procedures to be conducted whenever a firearm or other means of force is used by police. In addition, it sought to establish channels of communication between police and civil society.