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How the IPA is implemented

IPA funding in Türkiye is mostly implemented under indirect management, by those entrusted Turkish institutions which meet all the necessary requirements in line with the EU's Financial Regulation. Some activities also come under direct management; in other words, the implementation of the budget is carried out directly by the European Commission's services.

In the indirect management system, the Directorate for EU Affairs under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the National IPA Coordinator (NIPAC) holds key responsibilities for overall coordination of the system, including the programming and monitoring processes.

The Undersecretariat of the Treasury functions as National Authorising Officer (NAO), holding the overall responsibility for the financial management of IPA funds in Türkiye, and ensuring the legality and regularity of expenditure of EU funds. The NAO is responsible for the management of IPA accounts and financial operations as well as the effective functioning of the internal control systems.

The Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU), which is administratively linked to the Treasury, has the responsibility for the budgeting, tendering, contracting, payments, accounting, and financial reporting aspects of IPA procurements.

There are also four additional contracting authorities entrusted with implementing the IPA funds that deal with multi-annual sector operational programmes:

Lastly, for the IPA Regional Development programme (IPARD), the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution is the agency responsible for the implementation and payments of IPA funds in selected provinces.